Economic development coupled with biodiversity conservation

Thursday - 31/08/2017 08:27
The project "Integrating natural resource management and biodiversity conservation into the socio-economic development planning and management of biosphere reserves in Vietnam" is about to launch in Vietnam with the deployment time about 5 years.
Economic development coupled with biodiversity conservation

Through this project, Vietnam aims to integrate natural resource management and biodiversity conservation objectives effectively and escalate into development planning in general and tourism development in particular in selected biosphere reserves in Vietnam.

 The project will focus on researching and solving issues such as developing and improving policies, creating a legal environment for integrated management of ecosystems in biosphere reserves; enhance capacity building activities to deploy policies; Implement specific activities to pilot policies developed at national level and specific activities for sustainable use of natural resources, protected area management and biologically friendly models of development.

Implementing the above objectives, Vietnam will maintain economic growth in parallel with ensuring high biodiversity, from forest, marine and wetland ecosystems to richness and wealth ofspecies and biological genetic resources. As well as the protection and development of biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO.

Recently, the Vietnam Environment Administration (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) has organized a workshop to consult expert opinion on the feasibility of this project before implementation.

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